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As new milk prices kick in, confusion prevails on first day


As the price hike for Nandini dairy products, including milk, curd, and buttermilk, kicked in on Tuesday, many customers were seen confused about the actual hike, while others were worried about expanding their weekly budget.

The updated prices were only mentioned on the packets that arrived after noon, creating confusion amongst the customers who purchased milk in the morning. “The milk price is confusing. I thought that the costs rose by ₹3 per litre across the board, but today I bought two half litre packets for ₹48. I paid only ₹44 for the same yesterday,” said Sudarshan, a media professional.

The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) announced that the price of one litre of Nandini milk will rise by ₹3 from August 1. However, the MRP of a half litre of milk has gone up by ₹2. So buying two half litre packets is actually ₹4 more expensive than earlier. The price of the one litre milk packet has increased by ₹3.

Expressing her concern about the price rise, Pushpa Raju, a customer at a Nandini milk parlour in Koramangala, said, “While ₹4 might not seem like much, it will add to my weekly expense. I will end up spending at least ₹100 extra every week only on milk. I have no other choice but to buy milk, as it is an everyday essential.”

“The amount of milk in each half litre packet has also increased by 10 ml. They have rounded it up to ₹2 per half litre to avoid change issues,” remarked Leela Manjunath, owner of a Nandini milk booth.

Many homemakers from joint families are worried about the expense increase. Shipa Kumar, a homemaker with a family of 7, said, “I have three children who are all growing and need to drink sufficient milk”. She buys close to 2 litres of milk and 1 litre of curd every day. “My parents-in-law are old and prefer to eat curd rice every day. If prices skyrocket like this, how will we afford basic necessities?,” she asked.

With expenses increasing, many BPL cardholders and other underprivileged women fear that the money from initiatives like Gruha Laxmi will be spent only on procuring basic necessities. “We buy one litre of milk every day. I planned to save the money from Gruha Lakshmi for my son’s education, but I might have to spend it on buying milk and curd instead”, said Mahalakshmi, a daily wage worker.


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